International Artist

Timoteus Anggawan Kusno (b.1989)

Timoteus Anggawan Kusno studied Social & Political Science at Gadjah Mada University and achieved his Master of Humanities at Cultural Studies Programme, Sanata Dharma University. As an artist, his works challenge the historical memory and paradigm that has been ‘taken for granted’, by articulating questions around the ideas of remembering, forgetting, and in - between. Anggawan deliver his narratives by twisting the fluidity of fantasy and history, in order to talk about something considered not existing; like the memory of those who were ‘lost’, the unwritten, periphery stories from the bottom up, and other speculative sequences towards history.

His questions are derived from the noises and silences that lie under the post - dictatorship experiences, which subtly resonate the unfinished symptoms and crumbs from the long - story of colonialism. Along with his artistic practice, since 2013, he has also been developing the Centre for Tanah Runcuk Studies (CTRS), a (fictional) institution which conducts ‘studies’ on a (lost) territory in the Dutch East Indies called Tanah Runcuk, involving historians, ethnographers/ anthropologists, fellow artists, and scholars in the “text” production. This institution is a laboratory and an alternative instrument to experience how “text” is utilized to construct a “regime”, as well as to read the fiction - like reality through fictional history and vice versa.