Exhibition dates: June 16 ~ July 18, 2009
Exhibition venue: The Columns Gallery
63-14 Chungdamdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea
T. 822-3442-6301 www.columns.co.kr
This new body of work, ALLTHETHINGSTHATAREOUTSIDEOFME, deals with translucency and layering of color, placement of foreground and background, reflection of the surroundings in the surface of the paintings, positioning of the viewer towards the work and involvement of movement in front of the works.

A new series of sculptures takes these issues into the third dimension. The movement around becomes more of an exploration of space and light and color.

The long titles opens an approach on an everyday experience level. Abstract is not cut of everyday life and experience but connected via pop cultural references (most titles come from contemporary music, either as combination of, from titles of musical pieces, or taken from lyrics). The titles are an entry way to the single pieces.

All my work is very process oriented, if the viewer looks closely, the work explains its own history. Layering is the key to most of it. I like to do very simple things and by doing them over and over and over and over again, a level of complexity is achieved that feeds the eyes, the senses and the brain of the viewer. As much and as far into painting and painting history as he/she wants to explore.