Title Is it true everything we see?
Artist Dionisio González
When 19 September ~ 29 November 2008
Where The Columns Gallery
63-14 Chungdamdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul
Staff T 822 3442 6301
www.columns.co.kr E-mail.webmaster@columns.co.kr

Opening Reception with artist
19 September 2008 6PM~8PM
Is it true everything we see?

The Columns Gallery is very pleased to announce a major solo exhibition by the Spanish artist Dionisio Gonzalez. This is his first exhibition in Asia. As excited as the artists himself is at this exhibition, we are very much delighted to introduce these nine pieces of works to the Korean art scene.
To what extent can we even say that we are completely sure of what we see? The landscapes that Spanish photographer Dionisio González (born in Gijon in 1965) creates based on the ruins of real city buildings are as real as the viewer believes they are. And this is not because the technologies applied to photography can put on paper or film anything the artist can dream up in his mind. In the case of Dionisio González, this romantic notion of recovering buildings that are in ruins due to political negligence or economic collapse started in Havana. He rebuilds fragments of the building with prefabricated elements made of glass, wood. Elements which although have nothing to do with the building, with the landscape, are nevertheless totally believable, as if "they could be". The line between what's possible and what's impossible has been erased. This exhibition explores connections between architecture and photography, from methods of spatial representation to the relationships between the real and virtual worlds in each discipline. It examines the responses of artists to the ideals of modern and postmodern design, and explores the connections between the immersive natures of both photography and architecture and the networks of spatial relationships on which they depend. Topics explored include architecture as idealized public space, the idea of progress, and the challenge of how to represent it photographically.