Exhibition title: A New Perspective
Exhibiting Artist: Chun Kwang young
Exhibition dates: September 2 ~ September 30, 2009
Exhibition venue: The Columns Gallery
63-14 Chungdamdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea
T. 822-3442-6301 www.columns.co.kr

Chun Kwang Young: New Perspective

The Columns gallery is pleased to present 14 innovative works by Chun Kwang Young from 2005 to the present. New Perspective reviews the most recent developments in Chuns artwork, chronicling the modification of his aggregation series into a more three-dimensional and vivid oeuvre. Over the past 5 years Chun has been challenging his distinctive composition and pushing the limits of his mulberry paper accumulations.
In 2005 Chun first began seriously considering the sculptural properties of his work, creating massive installations in earnest. This reconsideration of depth and space translated into his planar canvases as optical recessions into flat surfaces. The gorges and hollows of his paper landscapes started to fill with color and by 2008, Chun was producing fiery combinations of red, brown, yellow and gold crags. Along side these volcanic aggregations, Chun was creating more tranquil works: supine grey interrupted by illusory pools of blue. In an effort to uncover different aspects of his work, Chun has pared down his customarily larger-than-life artworks to smaller canvases, as well as create one of his largest installations to date, a 3.5 meter sculpture, which The Columns will be presenting to the public for the first time.
New Perspective reexamines the evolution of Chun Kwang Youngs body of work, grounding him as one of Koreas most influential contemporary artists. The Columns gallery invites you to reconsider Chuns intimate, experimental, dynamic, psychological, challenging oeuvre in a new light, a new perspective.